You love your home's location and you cherish the family history behind your house. But, face it... as times and fashions change, you want some features of your home to change, too. At Charles Carpentry, we love home makeover projects!kitchen remodel

Your remodeling project may be something as simple as a new bathroom or exterior finishes, or something as fancy as a top-to-bottom remake of your living space.

No matter how simple or complex, Charles Carpentry is available to help shape your dreams with ease and in a timely fashion.

Being in the carpentry trade since 1986 and running his own business since 1994 has given David Charles over 20 years of experience and knowledge in new home construction and remodeling.

Let our team of professionals take your home makeover project from dream to reality. Please call us at (920) 894-4351 or email us and let's talk about your project!